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+ Planogram Systems

+Availabity Checking

+ Capture Photo

+ Customer Records

+ Competitor Activities

+ Journey Plan

+ Stock Checking

+ Expiry Checking

+ Share & Self

+ Order Tracking

Retail Merchandising Software
Perfect for Field Teams

How Can Catalyst Retail Execution Software Help You?

Schedule Visits, Projects, Tasks, Retail Audit & Photo Collection, Sales, and Routine Service with Ease

Catalyst’s Workforce Tracking Boosts Your Team’s Efficiency & Accountability
Geo-Tags and Time Stamps

Drive accountability throughout your organization by automatically GeoTagging & Time-Stamping every activity your team performs in the field.

Check your map in the web-console to see where each member of your team is—all in real-time.

Every activity performed in the field is automatically pinned on the manager’s map. This includes logging into the app, clocking in/out, checking in at a client location, taking a photo, and submitting notes, forms, audits, or orders.

Work Time and Mileage Tracker

With Catalyst, each member of your team using the Retail Merchandising Software for  can easily record the start and end time of their work-day, as well as their start and end mileage.

Once a rep has ended their day, managers can pull up a comprehensive summary of that day’s activities using the web console. Review the number of clients visited, orders filled, and much more.

Optimize Replenishment Ordering Using Application

Order Management

The Retail Merchandising Software for configuration of catalyst can include Product and Order Management options.   complete simple orders on their mobile phones or tablets, and they are instantly sent to the back office for analysis and management.

On top of that, using Apps for order management increases ordering accuracy and shortens delivery time!

Manage Products and Services List
Managers can add an unlimited number of products and services in apps, and group them together based on custom attributes and tags.
Custom Price Lists and Package Types
For efficient product managmenet, managers can set custom price lists for certain products and clients. There is also the option to customize package types on purchase orders.
Take Orders on the Spot
Simply enter the number of products ordered, and Apps will calculate the total value of the order based on the prices of the products. Add in any discounts or promotional information, and capture electronic signatures for authorization.
Electronic Signature with Your Orders

Catalyst in the field can use apps electronic signature capture feature to collect customer signatures or confirm their own work, right on their mobile phone or tablet using the Retail Merchandising Software.

Enable customers to sign off on orders and forms, significantly lowering the chance of error when delivering goods, and giving you the information needed to resolve any disputes that may arise.

Email and Share Invoices
Accelerate your billing cycle by allowing your representatives to email invoices to your customers on the spot. Orders will also automatically synchronize to your account, so you can view them in real time.

Use Photos to Enhance Your Retail Execution with Catalyst Retail Merchandising Software

Tag Photos

Every photo in app is stamped with information regarding location, time, and name of the representative taking the photo. Representatives can also tag photos using custom fields set by the manager.

Capture Photos

Have your team capture photos of any points of interest using Catalyst mobile app, tag them and build an incredible photo archive that you can manage on the Retail Merchandising Software console.

Utilize photos in  to document and analyze inventory, competitors, retail store fronts, shelves and promotional materials. Review your team’s merchandising efforts and quickly address any issues that you see.

Group photos using a note, tag, or by GPS position and quickly pull up info on both the client location where the photo was taken and the rep who took the photo.

Include Photos in Forms
Add photos to supplement information you collect using mobile forms.
Share photos with Managers and Clients

Photos taken in the app are automatically synchronized to all accounts i, ready for your review in real-time. Representatives also have the option to email photos and forms to clients from the app.

Manage Follow Up Appointment Schedules with the Retail Merchandising Software 

Appointment Schedules

Effortlessly schedule visits from the Retail Merchandising Software web console or enable reps to set their own appointments using the mobile app. Your team can label tasks based on their current status: completed, missed, or scheduled.This allows managers to view visit status both on their calendar and as a summary.

Reps can view all past and future visits directly from the mobile app, and managers can analyze this data to optimize customer service going forward.

Easily Add and Edit Visits To Clients
Schedule visits for your team. Add client notes and specify each visit as a one-time or recurring event in an easy to use calendar interface. Avoid scheduling problems and start booking more appointments for every member of your team.
Enable / Disable from Scheduling

Manage your business the way you want to. Customize your scheduling and decide who can and cannot modify the schedule.

Allow your team to edit their schedules directly from the  mobile app, or control online scheduling yourself from the Catalyst web app.

Schedule Client Visits

If you choose to enable the feature, representatives can easily manage their own day-to-day schedule using the app.

Representatives can add clients to their day while on-the-go and optimize their routes. No more shuffling with excel spreadsheets and messy algorithms.

Automatic Visit Labeling

Using activity data from each visit your team makes, Catalyst will automatically label visits as planned (but not yet completed), completed, or missed.

Quickly learn who on your team is complying with their schedule and who is missing appointments. Apps makes it simple to hold your team accountable and improve quickly.

Company-Wide Calendar

In the Catalyst web app, managers can view summary reports of all of their representatives’ visit data.

View data over any time period you choose, and filter scheduling data by individual representative, or by territory.

Analyze Visit Data
Catalyst provides managers with detailed, intelligent reporting from activity metrics. View how many visits were planned, completed, and missed. Find out which clients are receiving the most amount of visits, and who may be feeling neglected.
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